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About me

I, Miguel Rodrigues, was born and raised in a picturesque town on the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada. From early childhood, I was surrounded by the beauty of nature: mountains gleaming in the winter sun and vast forests where I played in the summer.

As I grew older, my interest in nature turned into a true passion for travel. It all started with simple walks around the vicinity, but over time I began to explore more distant corners of Canada. Every new place became a revelation to me, and I started sharing my impressions with those around me.

This passion led me to create my own website about traveling around Canada. On it, I talk about scenic places, secret trails, the best camping spots, and much more. I want to show people the Canada that I know and love, and help every traveler find their niche in this amazing country.

Many readers of my blog say that it was thanks to my articles that they decided to travel around Canada. Every such review fills me with joy because I feel that I’m doing my job right.

Today, I not only travel but also conduct tours, organize trekking routes, and teach people to appreciate the beauty of Canadian nature. And, despite all my achievements, every new route gives me the same emotions as at the very beginning of my journey.