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Hundreds of people attend a pro-Palestinian rally in Vancouver.

On Monday afternoon, a large number of individuals gathered for a pro-Palestinian demonstration outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. This event took place amidst the ongoing conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

According to officials, the ongoing conflict between Hamas and the Israeli military, triggered by a sudden attack from Hamas, has resulted in the deaths of over 1,000 individuals in Gaza and certain areas of Israel.

The conflict has caused worry among Palestinians and Israelis in Vancouver. A protest at the art gallery aimed to draw attention to the significant loss of life in Gaza. This came after the Israeli defense minister’s statement on Monday, advocating for a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Around 300 protesters gathered, displaying Palestinian flags and some wearing the traditional keffiyeh scarf. They demanded an end to what they perceive as a settler-colonial occupation in the Palestinian territories.

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Concern for human rights in Gaza at Vancouver rally

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Featured VideoThe participants at the gathering demanded that international law be observed in the Gaza Strip, a region that Israel has imposed a blockade on. The event organizers clarified that the purpose of the rally was to bring attention to the plight of civilians and did not endorse Hamas, the governing body of Gaza.

Nasser Najjar expressed his support for his family, including his parents and two sisters, who are currently residing in Gaza. He mentioned that his people have faced oppression for more than 75 years.

He mentions that the only way he can confirm their existence is by witnessing their activity in the family WhatsApp group. However, since the conflict started, he has been mostly uninformed for more than a day.

Najjar dismissed the idea that the pro-Palestinian rally — one of many held across Canada, including in Calgary and Toronto — was in support of Hamas, the group whose attacks on Israeli civilians has drawn condemnation from some politicians including B.C. Premier David Eby.


Najjar urged Western governments, including Canada, to cease their endorsement of the Israeli government and highlighted the historical origins of the conflict in the Palestinian territories.

He expressed his belief that someday we will attain freedom and expressed a wish for others to acknowledge and notice our presence.

People wave Palestinian flags in front of an art gallery.
On Monday, a rally in Vancouver gathered around 300 individuals to show their support for Palestinians. This gathering took place in response to recent attacks on civilians carried out by the Palestinian group Hamas, which led to Israel declaring war. (Yvette Brend/CBC)

Amal Joha, accompanied by her son Nehad al-Faraaneh, stated that the residents of Gaza have a legitimate entitlement to peaceful existence.

Through tears, she expressed her desire for Mr. Trudeau to empathize with others and bring her family, who are currently in Gaza, to Canada.

A woman in a hijab and a traditional scarf cries at a protest.
Amal Joha, hailing from Gaza, expresses the belief that the Palestinian population should be granted a peaceful existence and urges Canada to welcome refugees originating from this area. (CBC)

The mayor criticizes protests that are perceived as being against Israel.

The demonstration at the art gallery remained mostly peaceful and was overseen by the Vancouver Police Department (VPD).

In the morning, Mayor Ken Sim of Vancouver expressed his disapproval of upcoming rallies in the city that were deemed “anti-Israel.” He also stated that the City of Vancouver condemns alleged acts of terrorism in Israel.

He stated in a statement that upon being notified about these gatherings, he had a conversation with the VPD and expressed optimism about their commitment to investigating and resolving any instances of hate.


While the protest largely saw supporters chant in support of a “free Palestine,” a few Israeli counter-protesters showed up and were largely drowned out by the Palestinian supporters.

The presence of their arrival incited yelling and minor altercations in front of the art gallery.

According to a reporter from CBC News present at the scene, police intervened and arrested an individual involved in the altercation.

A few Israeli flags at a largely pro-Palestinian protest.
On Monday in Vancouver, a small group of Israeli protesters attended the pro-Palestinian rally, expressing their disapproval of the ‘terrorist’ actions taking place in the ongoing conflict. (Ana Komnenic/CBC)

Rachel Goldberg, a participant in the counter-protest, expressed their intention to demonstrate solidarity with individuals who are losing their lives due to the actions of Hamas.

Goldberg stated that their purpose was simply to demonstrate their presence and resilience. They emphasized that attempts to intimidate or force them into hiding would no longer be effective.

I have reached out to the VPD inquiring about whether there were any charges made during or following the protest.

Source: cbc.ca