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The family persists in their search for a missing woman from Calgary during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Trevor Miller is currently stationed in a Westfalia van in a secluded forested region northwest of Calgary, in the Waiparous Valley. He is deeply engrossed in studying maps and coordinating with volunteers to assist in locating his cousin, Amy Fahlman. Amy was reported as missing by the Calgary police on October 1.

Police report that Fahlman, who is 25 years old, was last observed departing her home at Hawkland Place N.W. on September 29th. Fahlman informed her family that she was going for a drive, but she did not come back.

Miller stated that it is not uncommon for her to leave the house around 11:00 in the morning with the intention of going for a drive into the wilderness.

“She enjoys engaging in artistic activities such as painting, drawing, and appreciating nature; unfortunately, she has not returned, and that is the primary information available to us.”

Miller stated that in the past week, numerous individuals such as law enforcement, the Cochrane, Alta. search and rescue team, and Amy’s close-knit family have actively engaged in a search to uncover further information regarding her whereabouts.

Miller stated that the initial search covered a wide area, stretching from the southern part of Kananaskis to the B.C. border and then returning to Cochrane. However, the search team has now concentrated their efforts on a specific region near the location where Amy’s car was discovered. This particular area is approximately 45 kilometers north of Waiparous village, located off of Highway 40.

Calgary police announced on October 4th that Amy’s car had been found. However, they stated that further information would only be disclosed once confirmed details are accessible.

A man sits at a computer.
On Sunday, Trevor Miller, who is Amy Fahlman’s cousin, examines a map of the designated search region. (Helen Pike/CBC News)

Miller expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support from the community towards the search party. He also mentioned that family and friends from various parts of Canada, including as far as Texas, have arrived to offer their assistance.

“He expressed that the turnout has been so incredible that it restores his faith in humanity.”

Miller stated that search teams are traversing difficult terrain on foot, as well as using ATVs and horses, in order to find any potential leads such as footprints, personal items belonging to Amy, or any peculiar findings.

Miller stated that cellular service is generally unavailable in the area. Therefore, they rely on a mobile setup equipped with Starlink for internet access. Additionally, they have access to printers and maps.

“We have the ability to dispatch the crew to specific locations using pins … and they can provide updates upon their return.”

Miller stated that the search party has been collaborating with the Calgary police and providing investigators with any available resources.

A photo of cars parked in a clearing surrounded by spruce trees.
Miller stated that the search team gathers at this designated location every morning prior to dispersing into various regions, located approximately 45 kilometers north of Waiparous village. (Helen Pike/CBC News)

On October 7th, Calgary police made a request to the public, seeking any dashcam recordings featuring Amy’s silver Nissan Murano. They hope that such footage would be helpful in their ongoing investigation.

Specifically, police are looking for footage from vehicles travelling on Highway 1A to northbound Highway 40, past Waiparous Village on Sept. 29 between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. 

The release stated that investigators are also seeking dashcam recordings of Amy’s vehicle during the time frame of 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Waiparous Village area on the same day.

Miller stated that they will continue their search until all possible leads have been exhausted and the designated area has been thoroughly investigated, regardless of the duration.

The family is clearly concerned about Amy’s whereabouts and the possible events that may have occurred to her.

Source: cbc.ca