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Treat Count 2023: Which B.C. neighbourhoods have the most trick-or-treaters this Halloween night? | CBC News

Many residents of British Columbia have their own Halloween customs, with some being more unique than others, such as the tradition of fireworks in the Lower Mainland.

However, the long-standing traditions of All Hallow’s Eve, such as adorning your home and distributing treats to trick-or-treaters after dark, have remained prevalent throughout the region, despite the challenges presented by a worldwide pandemic.

Once again, CBC British Columbia and the Simon Fraser University City Program have collaborated to monitor the neighborhoods that attract the highest number of visitors on Halloween night.

Andy Yan, the SFU City Program director, believes that Halloween is still an effective method to observe how civic engagement varies in different communities.

“He mentioned that it is something that attracts everyone’s interest as it is not related to religion.”

A skeleton wearing a black hood in the front yard of a home.
Halloween decorations are pictured at homes on Trinity Street in Vancouver on Oct. 30. Andy Yan, director of the SFU City Program, says the street — and Vancouver’s Douglas Park neigbourhood — have historically shone during Halloween. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

Yan expressed a desire to understand how the arrival of new individuals in British Columbia and Metro Vancouver aligns with the local Halloween traditions.

He mentioned that during one of the years he participated in the treat tracker, he came across an international student who had no knowledge of Halloween. Instead of giving out candy, the student distributed ramen noodles, considering it as another expression of “generosity of spirit.”

“This is how Vancouver evolves,” he stated, referring to the varying acceptance of Halloween among different cultures.

How to participate

The CBC is once again seeking your assistance in locating the most frightening neighborhood in British Columbia, along with the one that offers the highest number of treats.

To accomplish this, you need to complete this form in order to record the count of trick-or-treaters who visited your house on Tuesday evening.

Please tally the amount of dressed-up individuals who approached your doorstep, inform us about the treats you distributed to them, and demonstrate your preparations for their coming.

Next, observe as a map with different colors indicates the areas in B.C. that are popular or not popular for Halloween on Tuesday night.

You can gain an understanding of its functionality by accessing the results from last year through this provided link.

We are also reintroducing a question from the previous year regarding inflation and its impact on your Halloween celebrations.

Yan mentioned that historically, the Douglas Park area in Vancouver and the Queen’s Park area in New Westminster have always stood out during Halloween.

He also expressed curiosity about the ways in which diverse communities in the province will observe Halloween, including daytime events and community festivals.

Complete the survey and observe the map as it refreshes to display the most haunting neighborhoods in British Columbia.

Source: cbc.ca